EcoWB uses two types of program delivery approaches. First, we are responders (emergency or immediate, short term, long-term, or intermittent as-needed) to organizations, governments, institutions, or businesses having a need for professional environmental specialists in proposed, funded, or ongoing projects. Secondly, EcoWB takes a project-oriented approach to work with interested parties in developing project concepts, parterning to build robust environmental qualifications into their proposals, and funding the travel and support of techincal experts.  EcoWB maintains a pool of “Ecological Service Providers” (ESPs) – competent, motivated individuals who possess profound knowledge of ecological science. Professionals in watershed managment, planning, policy, and environmental and natural resource law also comprise the international ESP pool.  EcoWB stimulates positive change by facilitating the exchange of ecological knowledge and resources, as long as it is culturally and socially appropriate and we are welcomed by the local community. We intentionally strive to adapt our approach to the people and cultures we serve. Our goal is to empower people through education and technical assistance so they can address problems that affect them directly.

As an organization, EcoWB’s function is to serve as matchmaker and provide the administrative, technical, financial, and logistical support necessary for ESPs to do their job. To learn more about volunteering as an Ecological Service Provider, please go here.

We also encourage inquiries from representatives of local communities and other organizations who have a need for ecological assistance and are interested in partnering with EcoWB. If you are a member of an organization or group that would benefit from EcoWB involvement, please contact us at 1.360.915.4194 or at More information about how EcoWB evaluates requests for assistance can be found here.