Mission and Goals

The mission of Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB) is

“To promote environmental sustainability and improve societal welfare in at-risk areas of the world through the transfer and application of ecological knowledge and technology, and to financially support projects and activities that further these goals.”

We believe that a healthy environment is key to reducing poverty and strife, ensuring food security, enhancing livelihoods, and improving the quality of life of the earth’s inhabitants

EcoWB Goals

  • Increase awareness of ecological integrity, or harmony, as essential for economic, social, and environmental sustainability;
  • Provide expert ecological services to areas of the world that face environmental problems stemming from natural or human causes;
  • Create an international network of volunteer Ecological Service Providers: ecologists able to provide technical assistance, training, and hands-on support when and where it will do the most good;
  • Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources to ensure the sustenance, economic viability, and welfare of the community over the long-term;
  • Provide educational opportunities that foster environmental stewardship and informed, ecologically sensitive decisions; and
  • Engage and collaborate with scientists, resource managers, community leaders, social workers, conservationists, other organizations, governments, NGOs, and local communities to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability