Our Story

This is a story of how a dream became reality.  It starts with the three cofounders – Larry Dominguez, Eric Knudsen, and Cleve Steward – who shared a vision of harnessing the expertise, creativity, and altruistic impulses of their scientific colleagues to solve environmental problems around the world.  The most egregious impacts often occur in countries that lack the resources to address them.  All too often, decisions are made, actions taken, and opportunities foregone without the benefit of ecological expertise and input.  As fisheries scientists with international consulting experience, we were acutely aware of the intractability of many of these problems. 

Realizing we couldn’t tackle the world’s problems alone, we brainstormed and expanded on the concept of forming a non-profit organization to facilitate the transfer of ecological knowledge and expertise to developing areas of the world. 

Great idea, but how are we to turn this dream into reality? One..ecologist..at..a..time! Many of you would like to lend a hand, but may not know where or whom to help, or may be unprepared to deal with the logistical hassle of working overseas. What would happen if we eliminated the hassle and provided you with the opportunity to contribute your specialized knowledge or skills toward solving ecological problems around the world?

If this has piqued your interest, read on…