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You really are our eyes and ears all over the world.  If you see a problem where you are, please let us know about it!

Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

Project Proposal Guidelines

Projects are the way we make our greatest impact by  enabling, supporting, and assisting others to do the most good using ecologically sound practices. Project Proposals give organizations, institutions, scientists, NGOs and community members the space to present their ecologically focused projects to our community and ask for help. We invite you to submit your project to EcoWB for consideration. Before you do so, please read these project proposal guidelines. Thank you for working for positive environmental change; we are excited to see what you’ve come up with.

Submit a Letter of Interest (approximately 2 pages) containing: 
  1. Project Title
  2. Define under which areas of interest your project fits
  3. Project Executive Summary (300 words or less)
  4.  Project Leader and Organization Information (Name, contact information, website, location
  5. Project Scope (where, beneficiaries, duration, timeframe)
  6. Proposed Action Plan outline
  7. Goals and intended results
  8.  Type of Assistance desired from EcoWB

You are welcome to attach supporting documentation such as a portfolio, resume, and other documentation, as needed, though this is not required. Our project team will review your letter and decide whether your project is a good fit and what other questions we have. After consideration we will contact you with our response to the project. We may ask you for more information or explain why we have chosen not to move forward with your project. If we think the project is a good fit, we will provide guidance and send you a full application to complete.

What is an EcoWB Project: The Basic
  • Proposes a set of clearly defined activities with a desired outcome and intended benefit to the environment and to society
  • Has a scope: A defined geographic, area, timeframe, and limited conceptual focus
  • Addresses a compelling need or worthy aim included in our Active Areas of Interest
  • Details the problems, identifies their causes, proposes actions that generate changes
  • Applies an ecologically based concept to address the problem such as restoration, sustainability, conservation, basic research, ecosystem services and more.
  • Describes the type of assistance desired from EcoWB
Active Areas of Interest:
  • Sustainable Fishing/Aquaculture
  • Environmental Service Provider Entrepreneurship
  • Community-lead Marine or Terrestrial Conservation
  • Endangered/Threatened Species and Biodiversity basic research
  • Renewable/green or blue energy
  • Reducing plastic use/pollution
  • Community focused environmental restoration
  • Sustainable Ecotourism
  • Youth and/or Outreach oriented, ecology-centered education
  • Young ecologist career development
Some things we don’t do:
  1. Supply volunteers primarily for labor, generic or remedial tasks
  2. Provide direct funding to other organizations
  3. Engage in political or religious campaigns or activities
  4. Support activities that would likely contribute to climate change and biodiversity erosion more so than existing alternatives
  5. Provide medical or legal support
  6. Support projects we consider unsustainable


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