Become an Ecological Service Provider

The heart of EcoWB is the cadre of volunteer ecologists who participate in on-the-ground projects in developing or transitional countries. ESPs comprise people from diverse backgrounds, ranging from students majoring in one of the ecological sciences to mid-career professionals, to recently retired individuals who devote some of their free time helping others.  The most common ESP is the individual who is either studying or making a living as an ecologist, and who is able to find time to help people in other countries tackle their environmental problems.

There are many reasons why people volun­teer as an Ecological Service Provider. Some believe it is important to help others in need; others want to lend their expertise to solve the world’s environnmental problems. Still others want to gain professional experience.  Each of these reasons has merit. If you are similarly motivated, we encourage you to sign up as an ESP.

An ESP can engage in a wide range of activities requiring different levels of involvement and types of expertise. Although EcoWB will work with ESPs to match their unique skills to specific areas of need, and to involve them directly in planning, decision-making and implementation of projects, the ESP will ultimately decide what level of commitment they are able to make. If interested, please complete the Volunteer Application (submitting an application does not commit you to anything. After we review your application, we will contact you to discuss whether and how you can help EcoWB.)