Propose a Project

EcoWB will work with local communities, ESPs, and partner organizations to develop a project in any stage of development from initial concept to seeking continued funding for existing projects.  Depending on the project type and level of development, we may be able help you:

  • turn your ideas and concepts into a project proposal and implementation plan;
  • recruit and deploy ESPs whose expertise is best suited to your project;
  • seek and obtain funding through donations or grants;
  • find local sponsors and partnering organizations; and
  • enhance the environmental benefits of your organization’s mission and activities.

To receive consideration, the proposed program, project, or activity should:

  • align with ECOWB’s mission and goals;
  • not threaten the lives or safety of its participants, including EcoWB representatives;
  • not discriminate against others due to their race, religion, or social standing;
  • be sponsored by organizations or groups that represent and are supported by the local community; and
  • benefit the entire community, and not just one or a few individuals;

Please take the opportunity to enter your project information into the on-line form below. Complete the form with as much information as possible, even if you only have an initial concept, although the more information you provide, the better we can respond to your needs. We will review your information and respond quickly. You may also e-mail us at with a brief description of your project needs.

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Propose a Project

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Project Concept

Type or paste project description of less than 500 words. Include the goals, location, and nature of the work.

Project Details

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Describe in less than 500 words how the project is proposed to be implemented, including who would participate and the logistics.

Please briefly describe how long you estimate the project will take by phases and the types of volunteers for each phase.

Briefly describe the location or geographical area that will be served by the project.

Please list all organizations that are cooperation, assisting or sponsoring this project in their relative order of importance.


Upload one or more documents that tell us more about the project, existing proposals, project plans, reports, etc. Maximum size 10MB

Please describe in less than 500 words what will be accomplished by the project, who will be helped, and what the long-term impacts will be.

Preliminary Cost Estimates
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