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Volunteers are the backbone of EcoWB. Whether you are a professional ecologist, retired, a student, or simply interested in helping to create a better world –  we have a role for you. We are especially dependent on volunteers at this stage of our development as a non-profit organization. If you are interested in helping us, even if you have limited time, click on the links below to see more about each opportunity:

  • Ecological Service Providers (ESPs)
  • People Management
  • Administrative assistance
    • Fundraising assistance
  • Information Management
    • Database developers
  • Social outreach
    • Web site management
    • Social media specialist

To apply, please fill out the Volunteer application below. If interested in one of the positions listed above, please also send us an email at, indicating your position of interest.


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Become a Volunteer

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An EcoWB volunteer can involve things like office, data, fundraising, etc.

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