Fisheries Improvement Scientists

EcoWB is engaging with various partners, particularly the Marine Stewardship Council, to contribute to the betterment of artisanal  and commercial fisheries in the developing world. The goal of Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) is to apply a systematic method for increasing the likelihood of a fishery becoming biologically and economically sustainable, thereby increasing the well-being of fishermen and local communities. FIPS employ specific steps for pre-assessment, gap analysis, and Action Plans. They use MSC’s benchmarking and tracking tool to record progress (see MSC’s FIP web site for more info).

These volunteer ESP positions would involve working from your home base to explore opportunities to assist on existing FIPs already in progress, or to start new FIPs with interested local stakeholders. Depending on the status of the specific FIP, this work will involve fisheries management issues, data gathering and compilation, population dynamics, and other fisheries science techniques. It will also be important to work with partners, stakeholders, and seafood processors, as appropriate for each case, on both the technical aspects of the FIP, as well as to identify potential sources of funding to support the FIP. As the FIP evolves, we anticipate travel to the local region to meet with stakeholders for various steps in the fisheries analysis and improvement.

This is a great opportunity to share your expertise with the developing world. We need multiple ESPs to work on one or more FIPs simultaneously. EcoWB leaders will work with the ESP to help get you started.

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Posted 12/15/15