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Ecologists Without Borders is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. We are at a critical stage of organizational growth. The effort and expense required to launch an organization that aspires to change the world – one ecologist at a time! – is tremendous. To have a meaningful impact, we need to raise revenue for new and existing projects, establishing partnerships for financial support, and for administration.  Our strategic plan places a high priority on raising capital through charitable donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. We are committed to using as much as possible, but no less than 80%, of contributed funds for field projects and programs where your support makes the biggest difference.

Please consider making a contribution to EcoWB, either in your name, in the name of someone you feel close to, or just for the pure joy of giving. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Confirmation of your gift will be mailed to you shortly after the gift is processed.

Thank you for your generous support!

Donate Online

Make a secure, one-time donation using Paypal.

Donate by Mail

Make your check payable to “Ecologists Without Borders” and mail it to:

Ecologists Without Borders
P.O. Box 51094
Seattle, WA 98115

Donate via Washington State Combined Fund Drive (for Washington State Employees)

Please go to the CFD website. Then click on the  “Donate on Line” header and enter the following Charity         Code 1481489. Thanks!



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Donor Privacy and Security

We will not share your personal information with other parties. All on-line and mailed donations are secure. Donor information will be kept confidential, unless you specifically agree to be identified by name as a contributor. We will discontinue contacting you upon request. Please call 1.360.915.4194 or email us at if you have any further concerns or requests.

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