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Current Projects

EcoWB is engaged in projects that will make a difference in people’s lives for food, health, and security.

Sinaloa and Nayarit Mexico Mangroves and Fisheries — Local fishermen depend on shallow mangrove estuaries for fish and shrimp catches to feed their families and sell for for cash. Unfortunately, the mangroves are threatened and many of the fish are overharvested. This research-based project will help to rebuild the mangroves and fisheries. Read More

Santa Rosalia Fisheries — Many local fishermen depend on Gulf of California natural fisheries for food and their living in this remote part of central Baja California. However, fish stocks are dwindling. Information gathered will help local fishermen and government to ensure long-term fisheries sustainability and develop new business opportunities. Read More.

Fisheries Improvement Projects — EcoWB is building a program for assisting the Marine Stewardship Council on their Developing World Program. MSC is the leading global fisheries sustainability certification organization. They and other organizations desire technical assistance on Fisheries Improvement Projects that will raise the sustainability of developing countries’ fisheries toward certification. Read More.

Oaxaca Green Energy — Lack of energy services is directly correlated with food insecurity, low education levels, restriction of economic opportunity, and social conflict. Providing reliable, low cost, low impact, sustainable energy to remote and rural areas of Oaxaca is one of the most transformative actions that can be taken to benefit under-served communities. Read More.

Amazaon Megafish Migration — There are amazingly large fish in the Amazon River Basin, mostly critically endangered. Little is known about their biology except they are thought to migrate extremely long distances. This partnership project is designed to fill in the knowledge gaps – Read more here.

Past Projects

Fiji Aquaculture and Aquaponics — Female trafficking is devastating to women, girls, and their families. EcoWB is assisting Homes of Hope Fiji which has a retraining center that uses aquaculture and aquaponics to produce food and to train women how to productively support their families. Read More.

AFS 2015 Symposium on Global Small Fisheries — EcoWB is coordinating a symposium for the American Fisheries Society 2015 Annual Meeting in Portland entitled “Achieving Sustainability in Global Small-scale Fisheries”. The symposium goal is to raise awareness about the status and future needs of the world’s small, artisanal and commercial fisheries. Read More.

2nd International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat — Mangroves are critical, but threatened, habitats throughout the tropics and subtropics of the world. Mangroves are extremely productive fish and wildlife habitat, they protect coastal areas from flooding, and they sequester huge amounts greenhouse gas each year.  Read More.

World Fisheries Congress Small-Scale Fisheries Symposium — EcoWB organized the symposium “Enabling small-scale fisheries and aquaculture to achieve sustainability through the transfer of technology and knowledge” in Edinburgh, May, 2012. Read More.

Cambodia Aquaculture — Protein deficiency among children in rural Cambodia is rampant. A sustainable, low-impact aquaculture and integrated agricultural project, developed with local farmers, will produce tilapia and other fish for local food and commerical sales to support the community. Read More

We invite other ideas and proposals that would enable us to expand EcoWB’s scope of activity to include aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in all parts of the world. To propose a project, please go here.

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