UW Foster School of Business Fundraising Strategy Project

EcoWB and Foster School of Business, University of Washington

With a successful bid at the Applied Strategy for a team of University of Washington graduate students, Ecologists Without Borders leaders landed a team of 5 outstanding business students to help develop the fundraising component of EcoWB’s Business plan. “You would think you hired a group of highly capable consulting professionals” says EcoWB President and Director Larry Dominguez.

They have all had professional experience and it clearly showed in their highly informative analysis. The EcoWB team researched potential donors, conducted a market analysis to determine EcoWB’s niche amidst the non-profit organization backdrop allowing the team to produce a very focused fundraising start-up plan among other informative deliverables.

Dominguez also noted the passion and personal interest that each student took in the organization. He says it seemed more than just an assignment or course requirement to them, but a real opportunity to conduct themselves professionally and apply creative thinking in a business-challenge situation. The Foster team will be a remembered as a big part EcoWB’s early history.

Left to Right: Katie Collier (Foster), Norma Jean Sands (EcoWB Treasurer), Gene Ahn (Foster Team Lead), Larry Dominguez (EcoWB President), Jessica Ma, Justin Holzworth, Genevieve Cohen (Foster) gather at Paccar Hall on the UW campus during a winter 2012 work session.

Left to Right: Katie Collier (Foster), Norma Jean Sands (EcoWB Treasurer), Gene Ahn (Foster Team Lead), Larry Dominguez (EcoWB President), Jessica Ma, Justin Holzworth, Genevieve Cohen (Foster) gather at Paccar Hall on the UW campus during a winter 2012 work session.

Meet the Foster Team as they share their thoughts on the project and their business education experience.

Gene Ahn

Gene AhnUpon graduating with a B.A. in International Studies at the University of Washington, I served for 5 years as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer. During this time, I found great joy and satisfaction in serving the global community. As a project management officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was tasked with managing local reconstruction and humanitarian aid projects and coordinating resources with USAID and the U.S. State Department. I am very excited for this great opportunity to once again contribute to an organization built on the values of global stewardship.

Genevieve Cohen
Genevieve CohenWith a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education, I am very interested in the power of human capital within organizations.
The majority of my work experience has been in the private education sector, where I helped lead several major initiatives in the areas of curriculum, faculty restructuring, and Mission and Philosophy. Within the classroom, my passion was teaching students to recognize their potential as stewards of their community and environment. I hope to bring this same positive energy to a position in management or entrepreneurship once I graduate from Foster.

Katie Collier
Katie CollierPrior to business school, I spent three years working for a startup garbage and recycling company. I served as a Project Manager for environmental programming, and later assisted the CFO in market analysis and the launch of a new line of business. I have also worked as a Fellow for a clean energy lobbyist in D.C., and as a Project Manager at the Cascade Land Conservancy. In addition to my MBA, I am currently pursuing a joint Masters from the Evans School of Public Affairs, emphasizing environmental management. At Foster I hope to strengthen my strategy and finance skills, and return to the sustainability industry in a management role.

Justin Holzworth
Justin HolzworthPrior to joining the Foster MBA program, I was an account manager for DNA Seattle, one of Seattle’s fastest growing full-service advertising agencies. As an account manager, I tackled a wide-variety of responsibilities including roles in brand planning and social media strategy. After getting my MBA, I plan to pursue a marketing management position with a growth-oriented company.

Jessica Ma
Jessica MaPrior to joining the Foster MBA program, I worked six years in the financial industry in New York. I worked on both a technology team as a business analyst and on the trading floor as a sales associate. At Foster, my focus will be in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I have worked in a start-up company called Loopasana as the marketing director and hope to learn more while in Foster so that maybe one day I can start my own company. I am excited to participate in this project and getting first-hand experience in building a new company.