AFS 2015 Symposium on Small Scale Fisheries

Symposium Title: Achieving Sustainability in Global Small-scale Fisheries

Conveners:  Cleve Steward, Sustainable Fisheries Foundation, Eric Knudsen and Larry Dominguez, Ecologists without Borders, and Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi, Marine Stewardship Council

Sponsors: Ecologists Without Borders, Sustainable Fisheries Foundation, Marine Stewardship Council, and the American Fisheries Society International Fisheries Section

Date: Tuesday August 18, 2015, Portland American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Room B-112, Oregon Convention Center

Keynote Speaker: Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi, Ph.D., Marine Stewardship Council

Symposium Description: Much of the world’s population depends on protein from fisheries species captured in small-scale marine and freshwater fisheries.  Although the amount of food secured by these activities is small in comparison to large-scale industrial fisheries, it supports significant numbers of people and often dominates the commerce of local communities.  However, due to many factors, small scale and artisanal fisheries are often overfished and/or have negative impacts on habitat. While many of the world’s large scale fisheries are certified as sustainable, or are under action plans or fisheries improvement projects that will advance their management to meet sustainable fisheries criteria, most small-scale fisheries are not. This day-long session will focus on the variety of technical, social, and economic challenges facing small-scale fishermen and fishing communities throughout the world. Case examples of fisheries either needing or desiring sustainable certification will be featured, as well as presentations on success stories and promising techniques and progress. Presentations will be grouped under the following topics.

  • Working With Governments, Stakeholders, and Local Communities to Identify Opportunities for Fisheries Sustainability Certification
  • Ecologically and Culturally-Sensitive Approaches to Providing Technological Assistance for Advancing Certification
  • Defining “Well-Managed Fisheries” in the Context of Fisheries management and Environmental Sustainability, and
  • Case Programs/Projects/Lessons Learned

Please see the AFS 2015 Annual Meeting web site for the conference arrangements, the final speaker line-up, and specific time and place of symposium.

Tentative symposium speaker list:

  • Sustainability route maps: A pathway to improved environmental performance and certification in small-scale fisheries — Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi
  • Small-Scale Fisheries and Operational Units at the Central-West Coast of the Gulf of California — Mexico Mauricio Ramírez-Rodríguez
  • The Evaluation of a Limited Entry Permit As a Management Strategy for Deep Water Snapper Fisheries — Miguel Garcia-Bermudez
  • A Comparison of Methods for Estimating Fish Trophic Positions in Estuarine Systems Under Small Scale Fishing Pressure: Choosing the Right Indicator for an EBFM — Felipe Amezcua Jr.
  • A New Industry- Recreational Fisheries in China — Yadan Liu
  • Anthropogenic Characteristics of Fisherfolks at Asejire Lake, Oyo State Nigeria — Mabel Ipinmoroti
  • Assessing the Use of Harvest Tags in the Management of a Small-Scale, Iconic Marine Recreational Fishery in Western Australia — Gary Jackson
  • Challenges in the Assessment of the Artisanal Fishing Fleet from Santa Rosalia, B. C. S., Mexico: Catch Composition — Agustin Hernández-Herrera
  • Characteristics of Thekaratoa River at Shahjadpur and Its Fisheries — Bijoy Kumar Ghosh
  • Community Structure of Bycatch from the Small Scale Shrimp Trawl Fishery in the Gulf of Salamanca, Colombian Caribbean Sea — Jose Alfredo Yacomelo Monterrosa
  • Discussion of Recent Changes in Two Costa Rican Fisheries Management Regimes — Andy Bystrom and Bill West (Presenter)
  • Fish and Fishermen: An Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive Approach to a Small-Scale Fishery in Puerto Rico — Arelis Arocho-Montes
  • How Small Scale Fisheries May Attain Sustainability: Focus on Ornamental Marine Fisheries, Women Leadership and Traditional Customary Laws — Nathalie Germain
  • Fish Diversity of Awara Reservoir, Ondo State, Nigeria — Dominic Odedeyi
  • Inland Artisanal Fisheries Cooperatives in Crisis. a Case Study of Sociedad Cooperativa De Producción Pesquera La Sinaloense, Huizache-Caimanero Lagoon System. Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico — Silvia Rivera
  • Pitfalls and Contribution of Fishers to the Design of Management Measures in a Top-Down Policy Context: Results from a Participatory Workshop Near Kendari Bay, Indonesia — Hans J. Hartmann
  • Synthesis of Social Considerations and Ecological Dynamics to Inform the Management Process of a Dominican Coral-Reef Fishery — Tyler Pavlowich
  • Use of Transdiciplinary Research Methods to Prepare an Artisanal Bottom Longline Snapper Fishery for MSC Full Assessment, Bejuco, Costa Rica — Andy Bystrom
  • Achieving Sustainable Fisheries in Russia — Randy Ericksen
  • Fisheries Improvement in the Far East: Case studies from Japan — Jocelyn Drugan

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