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Scallop Fishery Sustainability in Sechura Bay, Perú

Peruvian Calico Scallop (Concha de Abanico) is one of the most important, and unique fisheries in Northern Perú, with domestic use and great demand from European and North American markets. EcoWB is exploring how our volunteers can assist scallop growers and communities in achieving greater sustainability and recognition for their fishery. 

Mangrove and Fisheries Restoration in Sinaloa and Nayarit, Mexico

Local fishermen depend on shallow mangrove estuaries for fish and shrimp catches to feed their families and sell for for cash. Unfortunately, the mangroves are threatened and many of the fish are over-harvested. This research-based project will help to rebuild the mangroves and fisheries.


Many local fishermen depend on Gulf of California natural fisheries for food and their living in this remote part of central Baja, California. However, fish stocks are dwindling. Information gathered will help local fishermen and government to ensure long-term fisheries sustainability and develop new business opportunities.

Fisheries Improvement Projects

EcoWB is building a program for assisting the Marine Stewardship Council on their Developing World Program. MSC is the leading global fisheries sustainability certification organization. They and other organizations desire technical assistance on Fisheries Improvement Projects that will raise the sustainability of developing countries’ fisheries toward certification.

Kenya Water Hyacinth

In partnership with Kenyan government authorities, the University of Nairobi, U.S.-based business interests, and local community representatives, Ecologists Without Borders has conceived of a plan to mitigate ecological, disease, and economic problems caused by the proliferation of water hyacinth, an invasive, perennial, free floating aquatic plant, in Lake Victoria.

Amazon Megafish Migration

There are amazingly large fish in the Amazon River Basin, mostly critically endangered. Little is known about their biology except they are thought to migrate extremely long distances. This partnership project is designed to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Peru Marine Fisheries Assistance

The coastal waters of Peru are among the most productive in the world. Peruvian marine fish and shellfish resources support important and valuable commercial and artisanal fisheries. With the demand for domestic and international seafood continually rising, there is a strong need for ensuring the sustainability of Peru’s natural fisheries.

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