EcoWB Volunteers Trevor Eakes and Board Emeritus, Eric Knudsen, traveled to Lima, Perú to attend the 2019 Latin American Fisheries Improvement Project Community of Practice (FIP CoP) where EcoWB was able to gain fresh insights on best practices for FIP management. At the conference we spoke with NGOs engaged in truly exciting work across Latin America including Conservation International, World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, ProNatura, SmartFish, COBI and many many more. We are so grateful to the organizers for putting on the event and providing EcoWB with the opportunity to share about our organization and learn more about the FIP process. The results of this workshop will be invaluable for the development of the Santa Rosalia, Mexico, and Sechura Bay, Perú fisheries Improvement Projects which we are currently assisting. Read more about EcoWB’s FIP program.

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