Fiji Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB) implemented the Homes of Hope Aquaculture and Aquaponics facility project, a program of Homes of Hope. In the fall of 2013, EcoWB members joined another charitable group to design and build five fish ponds, consult on aquaponics technology and initiate management planning for an integrated agricultural system.

EcoWB has worked for several years to develop the foundations of the project. Upon arrival in Suva, Fiji, EcoWB consulted with Fijjian government and international technologists to gain an understanding of the in-country support and feasibility of project development.  Homes of Hope has been developing the property for several years to create opportunities of food production and sustainable land management to integrate with other skills and trade training.

Primarily through an ENVIRON Foundation grant award, individual donors and many volunteer hours, Ecologists Without Borders provides expert aquacultural technology, site engineering, management and biology training, to create a regional inland fish production center. Women in the program will learn sustainable aquaculture techniques and innovative agricultural production techniques to create small businesses. The vision is to establish them back into communities where they can take this experience and create their own livelihoods.

Although marine fishery catch is available, we learned that the pricing and regular availability make protein sources such as this difficult for large portions of the population to attain  in interior regions and villages.  Many artesanal reef fisheries are threatened globally by international fisheries and changes in coral reef fish productivity are also affecting harvests. Aquaculture is one alternative to give some reprieve to these stocks that need recovery. Live tilapia is a desirable commodity in local fish markets.

EcoWB will return with partners in early 2014 to continue development of the aquacultural and agricultural development plan.


Homes of Hope


Homes of Hope was founded in 1996 to stop the cycles of poverty and destruction of families throughout the South Pacific. A group of local business men and women in Suva, Fiji incorporated this registered charity non-government organization to bring hope to those hurt by these cycles. Since its inception, Homes of Hope has transformed the lives of single mothers and their children, strengthened families, and inspired the local community. Through a powerful combination of programs, Homes of Hope is providing vocational and academic training, instilling responsibility into the lives of parents, and the spiritually mentoring of young couples as well as the young single mothers who reside at the Homes of Hope in Suva.

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