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You really are our eyes and ears all over the world.  If you see a problem where you are, please let us know about it!

Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

Project Proposal Guidelines

Projects are the way we make our greatest impact by enabling, supporting, and assisting others to adhere to ecologically sound practices in their project development. Project Proposals give organizations, institutions, scientists, NGOs and community members the space to present their ecologically focused projects to our community and ask for help. We invite you to submit your project to EcoWB for consideration. Before you do so, please follow these project proposal guidelines. Thank you for working for positive environmental change; we are eager to review new proposals.

What is an EcoWB Project: The Basics
  • Proposes a set of clearly defined activities with a desired outcome and intended impact
  • Has a scope: A defined geographic, area, timeframe, and limited conceptual focus
  • Addresses a compelling need or worthy aim included in our Active Areas of Interest
  • Details the problems, identifies their causes, proposes actions that generate changes
  • Applies an ecologically based concept to address the problem such as restoration, sustainability, conservation, ecosystem services, or mutually beneficial systems
  • Identifies reachable sustainable development goals (SDGs) and/or AICHI biodiversity targets
  • Describes the type of assistance desired from EcoWB, in form and specifics
  • Describes the intended benefit to the environment and to society
  • Includes methods for ensuring project sustainability, risk management, and self-evaluation
Active Areas of Interest:

Sustainable Fishing/Aquaculture
Environmental Service Provider Entrepreneurship
Community-lead Marine/Terrestrial Conservation
Endangered/Threatened Species and Biodiversity basic research
Renewable/green or blue energy
Reducing plastic use/pollution
Community Focused Restoration
Sustainable Ecotourism
Youth and/or Outreach oriented, ecology-centered education
Young ecologists career development (placement of ecologist volunteers with projects in need)

If you have an ecologically focused project that is not included in the above active areas of interest but you feel it should be considered, please feel free to contact us directly briefly describing how it may apply to our organizational mission and we will consider its potential. 

EcoWB Mission: “To provide ecological assistance to at-risk communities around the world so they can avoid or mitigate, and adapt to detrimental environmental change.

Services we can provide to support your project:
  • Research

Biodiversity and conservation investigations, environmental studies and assessment including marine and terrestrial protected area design, impact analysis, methodological approaches to sustainability and research report crafting and publication.

  • Training and Teaching

Ecological management education and training, teaching sound environmental management techniques with a scientific approach, reviewing and designing course material, supplying the most recent environmental scientific practices to ecology-centered problems, connecting learners with experts in the field.

  • Project design and management

Assessing effects of proposed solutions to environmental problems, studying feasibility, designing pilot studies and indices for measuring success. Managing sustainable, high impact projects in developing countries, assisting with complex logistics, coordinating volunteers, and working with governments and international partners.

  • Fundraising Support

Use of our website for funding, grant writing, basic accounting services, third party account management, third party fiscal agent (EcoWB serves as nonprofit entity eligible to administer grants), financial oversight

  • Direct Volunteer Support

Supplying EcoWB Staff, Consultants, and Volunteers to complete tasks for the project.

Some things we don’t do:
  1. Supply volunteers primarily for labor, generic or remedial tasks
  2. Provide direct funding
  3. Engage in political or religious campaigns or activities
  4. Support activities that would likely contribute to climate change and biodiversity erosion more so than existing alternatives
  5. Provide medical or legal support
  6. Support projects we consider unsustainable

EcoWB prides itself in providing a wide variety of services to develop ecologically minded projects.  With that in mind, project development is a collaborative effort.  Our goal is to be altruistic with reasonable considerations for organizational responsibilities.  This can include funding support for EcoWB to act as a grant administrator, to maintain insurance liability, travel, equipment, etc. This may vary with each assignment.


Application Process
  • Submit a Letter of Interest (approximately 300 words) containing:
  1. Define under which areas of interest your project fits
  2. Project Summary
  3.  Project Leader and Organization Information (Name, contact information, CV/Resume, website, location
  4. Project Scope (where, beneficiaries, duration, timeframe)
  5. Action Plan Outline (including a rough budget)
  6. Expected Results
  7. Type of Assistance and/or Partnership summary

The EcoWB Projects Committee will make every effort to review submittals as promptly as they are received.  An initial evaluation will consist of a group review to ensure the project aligns with the EcoWB mission.  An individual EcoWB representative will be assigned as a contact person with the intention of communicating information promptly and reaching out to the most appropriate EcoWB members to further develop or increase the opportunity to complete a successful project.  Review of project submittals is intended to be fair and unbiased, with considerations for both positive and negative impacts.  Budget, feasibility, community involvement, and local regulatory requirements are all a consideration that should be considered by EcoWB reviewers and those submitting projects.  We may ask you for more information or explain why we have chosen not to move forward with your project.

  • If we think the project is a good fit, we will provide guidance and ask that you submit a Full Project Application containing:

Name of the Project:

Background: In 300-600 words explain the history and information needed for us to understand the relevance of your project. A narrative style is appropriate; be sure to cite facts and figures if used, and include a list of references cited according to established scientific reference format. If applying as an organization include the history of your organization and how it fits into the larger history of the problem and need. 

Problematic: Identification of the Problem or Need using the outlined approach:





Problem 1








Problem 2








Problem 3






EcoSolution: In one to two paragraphs, describe the ecologically founded solution, the approach, and the argument supporting the need for action.

Benefits: In one paragraph, explain the social/economic/environmental benefit and the scope of the benefit. What are the long term and short term benefits, who and what directly benefits?

Goals and Targets:  List and justify the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and AICHI Biodiversity Targets to be addressed through your project. See and

Credentials: Explain why you/your team are prepared to start, run, and complete this project. Include information about organizational capacity such as number of people working on the project.

Action plan:  Detail actions, outcomes, estimated costs, timeframe, and indicators of success.

4. Action Plan




Indicators of Success


1. First Action

    (Title of Action)


Sub action

results a

results b






Indicator 1, Indicator 2

$ 500

Sub action
















Request for Help: Describe the kind of assistance you would like on the project, and specify to the best of your ability what form it would take.

Operational sustainability: In 1-2 paragraphs explain why the project will be ecologically and financially sustainable and/or have a lasting impact.

Attachments: Any additional supporting materials you would like to include to support your application. Please briefly explain the attachment content here.

Budget Details: Sources of funding, goal amount, methods of attracting investment, additional funds, identify potential funders.



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