Peru Marine Fisheries Assistance

The coastal waters of Peru are among the most productive in the world. Peruvian marine fish and shellfish resources support important and valuable commercial and artisanal fisheries.  Fishermen use both small and large boats to harvest mahi mahi, giant squid,  anchovies,  and scallops,  among other species. With the demand for domestic and international seafood continually rising, there is a strong need for ensuring the sustainability of Peru’s natural fisheries.

EcoWB is exploring how our volunteers can assist Peruvian fishermen and fisheries-based communities in maintaining and improving their ecological and economic viability. EcoWB fisheries scientists trained in fisheries improvement science and methods are available to assist as requested by local and governmental stakeholders. 

To date,  we have conferred with individuals attempting to find methods for assessing sustained biological and economic yields in several fisheries that will also support improved safety in the industry. We are also in preliminary discussion with local stakeholders about their interests in pursuing fisheries improvements. Several EcoWB representatives will be attending a fisheries improvements workshop in Lima in September 2019. 

Please go to our Volunteers page if you would like to assist on this project.

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