Projects Committee

The purpose of the Projects Committee is to provide oversight, advice and guidance on EcoWB projects and initiatives. The Committee will be responsible for developing guidelines for entities that want to propose projects to EcoWB, and procedures and criteria for evaluating submitted proposals. It will also establish procedures for responding to requests for proposals and preparing applications for funding by external entities.


  • Participate in monthly/bimonthly Committee work meetings (via teleconference);
  • Oversee existing projects and provide guidance to their respective directors, managers/teams;
  • Prepare guidelines for entities that wish to submit a project proposal to EcoWB;
  • Develop procedures and criteria for evaluating proposals submitted to EcoWB;
  • Review submitted proposals and draft recommendations for Board approval;
  • Review proposals written by EcoWB members and/or partners in response to outside solicitations or CFPs (donors, grantors, foundations, public institutions, potential project partners, etc.); and
  • Identify project opportunities and generate new project ideas consistent with EcoWB’s mission and Strategic Plan.

Necessary Skills:

  • Ability to develop and apply effective procedures for soliciting, preparing, and evaluating project proposals;
  • Strong writing and/or content/context editing abilities;
  • Ability to work with others;
  • Ability to grasp and communicate priorities and ideas; and
  • Ability to represent the Project Committee’s interests and serve as a liaison to EcoWB projects and partners, in accordance with EcoWB’s mission and priorities.

 Ideal Candidates:

  • Experience in Project Management;
  • Experience with writing and reviewing grants and proposals;
  • Advanced degree with or equivalent in environmental management, environmental science, business development, or related field;
  • Awareness/ curiosity or experience about interdisciplinary work; and
  • Knowledge/interest of participative methods.

Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours/month

To apply, please send a statement of interest and a current resume or CV to EcoWB’s Volunteer Coordinator, Danielle Reich, at

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