Goal #1: Increase awareness of ecological integrity as essential for economic, social, and environmental sustainability

Goal #2: Provide expert ecological assistance to areas of the world that face environmental problems stemming from natural or human causes

Goal #3: Create an international network of volunteer Ecological Service Providers to provide technical assistance, training, and hands-on support

Goal #4: Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

Goal #5: Provide educational opportunities that foster environmental stewardship and informed, ecologically sensitive decisions

Goal #6: Collaborate with scientists, resource managers, local communities, and other organizations to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability

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Welcome to Ecologists Without Borders: Assisting people around the world to restore & sustain natural environments

A New Message for the Planet

Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB), a non-profit organization was formed to enable ecologists from around the world to lend technical expertise and time to address environmental problems, both natural and human-caused, wherever they occur. Our basic goal is to provide the technical and financial support necessary to restore and protect the ecological processes and components that sustain human and natural systems. The urgent need for ecological assistance, the creation of opportunities for others to fulfill international charitable passions, and working with a global network of dedicated ecologists are the foundations for moving this organization forward.

Please take a few minutes to visit the website and inform yourself about EcoWB’s mission and scope of activity, and how you can get involved. The basic building blocks for the organization have been laid. We have forged ties with other high-profile organizations such as the American Fisheries Society and Engineers without Borders. And, most importantly, we are already working on projects in Fiji and Mexico with several other project concepts in various stages of development that will enable us to focus our goodwill efforts and invest our resources for the most good. With your help, the number of ecologists and worthy projects we are able to support will grow exponentially.

Please join and share the vision of Ecologists Without Borders. EcoWB loves to work with dedicated individuals. If you want to collaborate on a project, reach out to others, help coordinate our activities, raise funds and so on, please go to How to Get Involved. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at Tel. 1.360.915.4194 or by email at info@ecowb.org.

Stay informed by signing up as an EcoWB Member. We invite you to help EcoWB achieve its goal of protecting the environment, everywhere, one-ecologist-at-a-time!