How to Get Involved

There are many ways to support the work of EcoWB. We encourage you to find a way to contribute to the organization, either as an Ecological Service Provider, Member, Volunteer, Project Sponsor, or EcoWB Donor:

  • Donate to EcoWB – please consider making a donation to support a project, a partner, and the direct expenses of our ESPs and volunteers.
  • Become an Ecological Service Provider (ESP) – Are you an ecologist?  Do you have the time and expertise you want to share with others?  We can connect you to projects, peers, and partners.  Please sign up as an ESP so we can help you find a meaningful project or activity to engage in.
  • Become a Member – to show your support, participate in the EcoWB forum, and receive periodic updates on EcoWB activities, please join us as a Member.
  • Become a Volunteer – if you have time to help us with organizational and outreach activities so that we can better fulfill our mission, sign up as a Volunteer.  We will work with you to define an appropriate level and type of assistance.
  • Propose a Project – we encourage you to submit your ideas for a project, whether you are in need of ecological assistance, or have identified an opportunity to help others.


Do You Need Ecological Assistance?

If you are directly involved with the planning, implementation, or monitoring of an activity that is likely to have significant environmental consequences, and if you feel that contributions of ecological expertise and resources by EcoWB would be both beneficial and welcomed by the people you work with, please contact us to discuss ways in which we might help you.

EcoWB is open to working with anyone regardless of race, religion, or social status.  Although our ecologists possess formal education and training in one or more of the ecological sciences, they come from different countries and social backgrounds. If you would like to engage EcoWB, please contact us at 1.360.915.4194 or at, briefly describing the problem and the type of assistance needed.  We will respond to you directly.