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Ecologists Without Borders’ mission is to provide ecological assistance to at-risk communities around the world so that they can either avoid or mitigate, and adapt to detrimental environmental change.

We are concerned with the long-term health of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems as well as the human activities and natural processes that affect them. We empower people to live sustainably by conveying ecological knowledge and assistance to areas of the world that face environmental challenges.  We believe that hunger, poverty, and strife can be alleviated through the wise use of natural resources, coupled with positive economic and social change. 

We promote sustainability by coordinating the efforts of Ecological Service Providers – professionals who possess expertise in natural science disciplines and are willing to donate their time and skills to improve the lives of others.  The EcoWB expert network comprises a multi-national cadre of biologists, foresters, ecologists, water resource engineers, hydrologists, planners, GIS professionals, and facilitators/ negotiators with experience in natural resource research and management. We focus on developing and transitional coun­tries, where natural resources are depleted and ecological processes are disrupted to the point that human welfare is adversely affected.

The effectiveness of Ecologists Without Borders depends on our ability to work collaboratively and productively with host communities as well as other organizations and institutions that share our vision.  The organization relies on the willingness of people who are comparatively well off to support our endeavors.  If you are inclined to help us further the mission and goals of EcoWB, please get involved.

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Mission & Goals

The mission of Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB) is

“To provide ecological assistance to at-risk communities around the world so they can either avoid or mitigate, and adapt to, detrimental environmental change.”

We believe that a healthy environment is key to reducing poverty and strife, ensuring food security, enhancing livelihoods, and improving the quality of life of the earth’s inhabitants.

EcoWB Goals

  • Increase awareness of ecological integrity, or harmony, as essential for economic, social, and environmental sustainability;
  • Provide expert ecological services to areas of the world that face environmental problems stemming from natural or human causes;
  • Create an international network of volunteer Ecological Service Providers: ecologists able to provide technical assistance, training, and hands-on support when and where it will do the most good;
  • Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources to ensure the sustenance, economic viability, and welfare of the community over the long-term;
  • Provide educational opportunities that foster environmental stewardship and informed, ecologically sensitive decisions; and
  • Engage and collaborate with scientists, resource managers, community leaders, social workers, conservationists, governments, NGOs, local communities , and other organizations to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability
Our Story

This is a story of how a dream became a reality.  It started with the three co-founders – Larry Dominguez, Eric Knudsen, and Cleve Steward – who shared a vision of harnessing the expertise, creativity, and altruistic impulses of their scientific colleagues to solve environmental problems around the world.  The most egregious impacts often occur in countries that lack the resources to address them.  All too often decisions are made, actions are taken, and opportunities are left foregone without the benefit of ecological expertise and input.  As fisheries scientists with international consulting experience, we were acutely aware of the intractability of many of these problems.

Realizing that we couldn’t tackle the world’s problems alone, we brainstormed and expanded on the concept of forming a non-profit organization to facilitate the transfer of ecological knowledge and expertise to developing areas of the world.

Great idea, but how were we to turn this dream into reality? One…ecologist…at…a…time! Many of you would like to lend a hand but may not know where or whom to help or you may be unprepared to deal with the logistical hassle of working overseas. What would happen if we eliminated the hassle and provided you with the opportunity to contribute your specialized knowledge or skills toward solving ecological problems around the world?

Our Partners

Ecologists Without Borders would like to thank the many corporations, foundations, government agencies, and affiliates who support our mission: promoting environmental sustainability and improving societal welfare in at-risk areas of the world.

To join the list of distinguished partners who are committed to sustaining global ecosystems, or to learn more about giving opportunities, please contact us at info@ecowb.org. To make an individual donation, please see our Get Involved section.

  • AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
  • CH2MHill
  • EcoAssets, Inc
  • Green Advocates – West Africa
  • Northwest Marine Technologies
Our Approach

EcoWB employs two types of program delivery approaches. Firstly, we are responders (emergency or immediate, short term, long-term, or intermittent according to need) to organizations, governments, institutions, or businesses requiring the need of professional environmental specialists in proposed, funded, or ongoing projects. Secondly, EcoWB applies a project-oriented approach to working with interested parties in developing project concepts, partnering with them to build robust environmental qualifications into their proposals and funding the travel and support of technical experts.  EcoWB maintains a pool of “Ecological Service Providers” (ESPs) – competent, motivated individuals who possess a profound knowledge of ecological science. Professionals in watershed management, planning, policy, and environmental and natural resource law also comprise the international ESP pool.  EcoWB stimulates positive change by facilitating the exchange of ecological knowledge and resources so long as it is culturally and socially appropriate and we are welcomed by the local community. We strive to adapt our approach to the people and cultures we serve. Our goal is to empower people through education and technical assistance so that they can address problems that affect them directly.

As an organization, EcoWB’s function is to serve as a matchmaker and provide the administrative, technical, financial, and logistical support necessary for ESPs to do their job.

We also encourage inquiries from representatives of local communities and other organizations which bear a need for ecological assistance and are interested in partnering with EcoWB.

Information concerning Ecologists Without Borders, including our mission, policies, finances, and legal status as a 501c(3) public charity organization may be obtained, without cost, by emailing us at info@ecowb.org

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