EcoWB Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of EcoWB!

EcoWB’s network of volunteers consists of more than 500 professionals from over 40 countries around the globe. Figure 1 shows the widespread distribution of our registered volunteers. The majority of our volunteers hold advanced degrees and represent a wide variety of scientific and technical disciplines such as ecology, fisheries science, aquaculture, forestry, conservation biology, environmental science, engineering, agriculture, social science, GIS/cartography, policy, climatology, geoscience, wildlife management, resource economics, education, and more.

Our volunteers have a strong desire to give back and are highly motivated to help slow detrimental environmental change, reduce poverty and strife, ensure food security, enhance livelihoods, and improve the quality of life for the earth’s inhabitants. They collectively contribute tens of thousands of volunteer hours each year to further EcoWB’s mission.

Green shading indicates locations of EcoWB registered volunteers (as of January 2021).

At EcoWB, we provide a simple path for volunteers to contribute their specialized knowledge and skills toward a variety of projects. In addition to project work, there are many opportunities for volunteers to serve the organization by supporting activities such as fundraising, communications, new project development, and the growth of strategic partnerships.

There is no prerequisite to register as an EcoWB volunteer, nor is there an expectation that someone who volunteers will always be available to help. We appreciate any time you have to give, whether it’s a few hours a month or a full-time position. Our goal is to appropriately match individuals who have the time and expertise with projects and teams of people who could use their help and to support their efforts going forward.

We welcome volunteers from all disciplines and experience levels who are willing to contribute their time and talents to help restore, protect, and conserve natural ecosystems.

To register, please complete the short form on our website at:

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